Minhagim (Jewish Customs)

Havdalah Services

Havdalah Services

Brit Milah & Brit Bat:

  • Newborn daughters are named in at Brit Bat ceremony.  Parents have a great deal of flexibility in how they choose to celebrate the naming of their baby girl.
  • Newborn sons are named at a Brit Milah ceremony which is traditionally held in the home when the baby is eight days old.  Our rabbi and a mohel officiate.

Consecration of New Students:

  • Children of any age who are beginning religious school are welcomed into our community, blessed and celebrated at our annual Simchat Torah observances.

Religious & Hebrew School:

  • Typically children begin Religious school at 3 – 4 years of age in our Pre-K class.
  • Our children usually begin their formal Hebrew study in the 3rd grade.
  • Hebrew School & Religious School is held during the school year on Wednesday from 4:00 – 6:15 pm.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah:

  • As our students approach their 13th year, their Judaic studies intensify as they prepare to accept their role as Jewish adults in our synagogue community.
  • On their special Shabbat, our Jewish teens have the opportunity to lead our Kabbalat Shabbat and Shacharit Shabbat Services, be called up for an aliyah, chant Torah and Haftarah, and give their impressions of the Torah portion during their D’var Torah.
  • Many B’nai Mitzvah students also participate in a service project of their choosing.


  • Our Confirmation class is made up of both 9th and 10th graders.
  • Confirmation classes are taught by our rabbi during Religious School.
  • On Erev Shavuot, the 10th graders lead the Shavuot worship and are confirmed.


  • Our rabbi is available for pre-marital counseling and to officiate at weddings.


  • A voluntary Chevra Kedushah provides shomrim services (watchers) for the deceased if families so request.  Currently there are no local services available for the ritual of tahara (ritual purification).
  • Beth Shalom maintains its own cemetary for members and their families.
  • Shiva minyans are routinely arranged as per the family’s request.


  • When the synagogue office is provided with the yartzeit dates of deceased family members, the rabbi will mention the name prior to the recitation of Mourner’s Kaddish on the Shabbat preceeding the yartzeit.
  • In addition, a special weekday ma’ariv minyan can be arranged for those wishing to observe the yartzeit of a family member on the precise Hebrew date.