Hatred has struck deep within our national fabric. Our People are left reeling after such a senseless and heinous act. And yet, as we have from time immemorial, we pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and get back to work. We do not let it define us because hope is the incurable Jewish condition. What other message could there be after nearly 600 people packed into Beth Shalom for healing and comfort a few nights ago!

Our synagogues are safe and they are the beating heart of our religious and national consciousness. In this spirit, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) is organizing this Shabbat in which all are invited – Jewish and interfaith alike – to #ShowUpForShabbat. As AJC CEO David Harris articulated so beautifully, “The community of conscience must stand as one…to ensure that love triumphs over hate, good over evil, unity over division. That’s our America.”

The Baton Rouge Jewish Community has organized this Shabbat as a Solidarity Shabbat. For the first time in many years, we will have joint Shabbat Services between Beth Shalom and Bnai Israel. Both myself and Rabbi Jordan will lead Services at B’nai Israel, and timing will follow our same schedule: 6pm Pre-Neg, 6:30pm Services. Shabbat morning Services will be at Beth Shalom and follow the normal schedule. THERE WILL BE NO FRIDAY EVENING SERVICES AT BETH SHALOM SYNAGOGUE. 

During this vital time in our People’s history, please #ShowUpForShabbat. For thousands of years we have depended on each other for our People’s vitality. On this Shabbat, we stand proud and united with a message of hope and resilience.


Rabbi Natan