With deep sadness, compassion, and concern, I have been watching the developing matzav -the situation- in our beloved and Holy Land of Jerusalem and Israel. Like many of you, I’m witnessing the escalating violence and hostilities. I pray for the end of the violence. I pray for the end of the hostilities. I pray for the end of hate. I pray for the end of extremism. I pray for the recognition of every human life as sacred. And, I pray for all leaders to find the wisdom, the courage, and the strength to stop the violence and to work for true peace as if there were no tomorrow.

I share with you a poem written by the Israeli-American poet Alden Solovy on May 12, 2021, in response to the tragedy of renewed violence in Israel:

For the Return of Peace

O Peace, you fleeting dream,
O Justice, you fickle hope,
Today we do not pray in your name.
Today we pray in the name of the children
Who have never met you,
Who have not been blessed
With your love or your truth.
Surely, their cries must someday
Drive you out of hiding,
Summoning you to cast your healing
Upon all the earth.

One G-d,
Ancient and merciful,
Justice and Peace are Yours.
Halt their retreat from the world
And send them to us for good.
Do it for the sake of Your name,
Do it for the sake of Your right hand,
Do it for the sake of holiness,
Do it for the sake of Your children,
So that all may live in the fullness of Your gifts,
As one family on earth,
Under Your canopy of love.

© 2021 Alden Solovy and www.tobendlight.com

L’Shalom ~  Rabbi Teri