Ways to prepare for a more meaningful Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are literally at your finger tips!

Here is a quick review of Rabbi Teri’s suggestions for using Elul 5781 to help you find more meaning and fulfillment in 5782.

  • Get on Jewish time by importing the Jewish calendar on your smart phone at HebCal so you can keep the approaching High Holy Days top of mind.

  • Hear the Shofar every morning (except Shabbat) by downloading the free Moishe House app Shofar Sho-Good on your smart phone.

  • Engage daily with Psalm 27 — the traditional psalm for the month of Elul. Purchase CCAR Press’ $4.99 App—Opening Your Heart—with a daily multi-sensory reflective focus on a phrase from Psalm 27.

  • Sign up for The Shofar Project a free four-week program of Jewish teachings and daily practices including Torah Study, Jewish Mindfulness Meditation, and Jewish Yoga Studio, offered by The Institute for Jewish Spirituality, and its partner organizations.

  • Sign up for the Jewels of Elul and receive short daily inspirational insights from an eclectic group of people which is e-mailed to you daily from Craig Taubman. This year’s theme is “lessons from my parents”.