Refugees often arrive in the United States with very little. This is no different for the estimated 50,000 – 65,000 evacuees that have had to flee their home in Afghanistan for a safer life. Louisiana is receiving 59 evacuees; 49 are coming to the Baton Rouge area and 10 are going to New Orleans.

The duration of their benefits is limited, and further assistance is needed to ensure the successful resettlement of these families after their benefits run out.

Catholic Charities is organizing this resettlement effort.


GIFT CARDS—Catholic Charities is in need of 200 $50 gift cards to help these families. Purchase here.

DONATE FURNITURE or ORGANIZE A FURNITURE DRIVE—While housing is provided, furniture is not. To settle these families and help them feel at home, furniture donations are necessary. If you’d like to donate items, please fill out this form.

MENTOR A REFUGEE FAMILY (or Individual)—Spend an hour or two a week befriending a family, orienting them to American culture and life in the community, and learning from each other. Help people learn how to take a bus around our city, how to use 9-1-1 services, how to schedule a medical appointment.

EMPLOYMENT COACH—Volunteers can act as a resource for clients during their job search by assisting with job applications, creating a resume, rehearsing for job interviews, coaching on appropriate workplace skills and behaviors, or making contact with employers in the community.

FREE OR LOW-COST HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES—If you have an apartment available you’d like to donate to the cause by allowing Afghans to live there for free or lower than normal rent, please contact Amber Hebert at or call 225.376.6807.