Coming Up: Jewish topics to headline Manship School Lecture Series

20170405 ManshipLecturesSeries

The LSU Manship School of Mass Communication’s Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs and the LSU Jewish Studies program will host talks by experts Dr. Steve Luckert and Dr. Melissa Weininger on Wednesday, April 5th from 3-4:00 pm and 4-5:00 pm, respectively. The event will be held in the Holliday Forum in the Journalism building at LSU’s Manship School.

Dr. Luckert, the Senior Curator at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., will explore the power of propaganda to shape political and social change in his discussion, “Extremism: From Hitler to Isis.” This talk will include a reflection on the techniques used by extremist organizations today with a focus on how these techniques mirror Nazi communication strategy. Manship School doctoral students Elisabeth Fondren and Meghan McCune, whose research focuses on government information practices, will join to ask questions.

Dr. Weininger will shed light on “Jesus in the Jewish Imagination: Representations of Christ in Jewish Culture.” Currently an Anne Smith Fine Lecturer in Jewish studies at Rice University. Recently, the focus of her work has been diaspora Israeli literature: literature written in both Hebrew and other languages by Israelis living in North America and Europe.