Israel plays a fundamental role in our synagogue’s life and we honor her existence even when we are thousands of miles away. Whether through learning or visiting, debating or studying, we honor the Jewish commandment of ahavat yisrael / to love Israel.

We have an Israel Institute seminar that runs through the entire year where Rabbi Natan presents different pieces of Israel’s history and culture and fosters fascinating conversations among congregants and visitors. Stay tuned for our inauguration of a new Israel-themed space in the synagogue, a space for study, reflection, and conversation.

Beth Shalom recently had a phenomenal, congregational trip to Israel in June, 2018, and we look forward to planning another trip at some point soon.

Together, we understand the truth behind one of the most famous lines regarding Israel and the Diaspora, spoken by 12th Century Spanish/Jewish poet, Yehuda HaLevi, “My heart is in the East, but I am at the edge of the West.”

Check in with lay leaders or Rabbi Natan for class schedules and any other information regarding the Jewish homeland.