Adult Education and Programs

Check back often to see what Rabbi Natan and our talented members are teaching. You won’t want to miss our incredible life-long Jewish learning offerings! All classes are free for Beth Shalom members. Non-members should contact the office at

Interested in leading a class? Contact Program and Education Director, Taylor Pettit at

Current Offerings:

Israel Institute is a deep dive into issues of the day concerning Israel. It’s a great way to affirm our commitment to always keep Israel top of mind.

We welcome all to come and join in the discussion of Israel. 

Covenant & Conversations - Weekly Torah StudySaturdays at Beth Shalom kick off with our weekly Torah study, Covenant & Conversations. Covenant & Conversations will be at 9:30 a.m. most Saturdays. Be sure to check the calendar for any changes to the schedule.

Old Fashioned Judaism

Old Fashioned Judaism is stimulating conversation in a dynamic and informal environment. Beth Shalom members, check your email for dates, times and locations. If you are not a member and are interested in attending, please contact the office.



This women’s education space studies and discusses the stories of the matriarchs of the Torah using comparative readings, commentaries and articles. This group meets about one Tuesday evening a month at a local coffee shop. If interested in attending, check the calendar for the next upcoming meet-up. Contact Taylor Pettit at with any questions. 


Yiddish, the historical language of Ashkenazim Jews, is not just a dialect from long ago. Come learn the meaning of words you’ve heard before either from your grandmother or television and learn what they ACTUALLY mean. Please contact Joel Goldman,, if you would like to attend. 


Beginners Biblical Hebrew is a great introduction to the language of Torah. Please contact Carin Carlson,, if interested in attending. This group does not meet at Beth Shalom.  


Summer 2020 Offerings:

Check the calendar for meeting times with this stimulating book club. Led by Eileen Shieber, contact for more information. 


Come learn to play Chess or show off your skills in this Shabbat friendly activity! Slow down and enjoy time with your Beth Shalom Synagogue Mishpacha. Some chess sets are available, but you are highly encouraged to bring your own. Please make sure to check the calendar to confirm Chess and Chesed (Kindness) are meeting that day. Contact Molly Dreznick, with questions or concerns. 





This discussion group will meet frequently during the summer months to discuss Pirkei Avot, the ethical teachings and one of the most interesting and layered texts in Jewish literature. Contact Ben Sheiber for more information at