Letter from NECHAMA to Baton Rouge Jewish Community

NECHAMA logoLetter from NECHAMA to the Baton Rouge Jewish Community

Beth Shalom, B’nai Israel, Federation, and to the countless others,

I’m not nearly poetic enough with the pen to properly express my gratitude for your ongoing support for NECHAMA and your community at large. The kitchen can get quite hot in the aftermath of events like this but you continue to keep focused on the bottom line. Relieving the suffering of the survivors. Thanks in large part to the efforts being made by all of you here in Baton Rouge and beyond, 13 of the first 15 homes NECHAMA has engaged with in some capacity or another were direct referrals from the Jewish community. NECHAMA has assessed the needs and in short order will provide assistance to many more as well. Thank you for all your hard work and the continued outreach to provide comfort to those in need.

TOGETHER, we provided 500+ hours of cleanup assistance to the Jewish community in the last 5 days alone! However, I am excited to share that NECHAMA’s response efforts are about to scale up dramatically! We are bringing in 3 additional response vehicles, dozens of skilled volunteers from all over the country, and several truck loads worth of tools. Starting tomorrow morning NECHAMA will be able to provide hundreds of hours of FREE direct cleanup assistance EACH DAY to those in need throughout Baton Rouge!

Thank you for believing in the team that marched into a Beth Shalom board meeting late one night last week. Thank you for believing in the process.

Truly grateful,
Mark McGilvery
Disaster Response Field Ops Specialist – Development
NECHAMA Jewish Response To Disaster

Working with NECHAMA

The best way for individuals to SEEK ASSISTANCE for clean up help is by calling 318-459-8304 or emailing la@nechama.org.

The best way for individuals to OFFER ASSISTANCE is by registering to VOLUNTEER at NECHAMA.org When you sign up, please include day and times that you are available.