Message from Rabbi Natan about Hurricane Harvey

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As I know you all are following, the flooding in the Houston area has been devastating and gut-wrenching. The scope is nearly unimaginable as much of our nation’s 4th largest city is submerged in water. Several have perished and it will take weeks to fully assess the catastrophic damage caused by this storm. Danger still looms as this storm has not yet finished terrorizing, including the potential for flooding and damage in SW Louisiana and the Lake Charles area.

We know better than most how awful flooding can be, and how long it takes to recover. The unprecedented damage will require months and months of assistance and relief.

We have several congregants whose families flooded in Texas, and they are still not out of harm’s way. Please keep all victims and first responders in your prayers as we pray for relief and some much-needed comfort. In addition to prayers, our community needs to mobilize into action.

After our devastating floods last summer, we know the extent of support that will be needed. Please consider donating to one of these organizations (click on the image for a link):

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Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, we pray and we act.
May God bring comfort and support to all those affected.

Rabbi Natan